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We are a home of innovative and customizable tech products.

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An e-Market platform designed to showcase products available in the African market to the Global market.

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A next Generation STEM, Ai and Robotics Research, Development and Deployment Centre.

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Home of pure organic agricultural products.

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A secured payment gateway that users; merchants, consumers, and producers can engage for sustainable business transactions on a global reach.

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Industry standard cloud PaaS, VM, and SaaS service that enables e-commerce, EdTech, workplace e-tools, and any other application to run on multiple devices; either mobile devices or on a cloud.

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A Hospital Management System that possesses an Omni-channel platform with support for robust multi-platform and active synchronization.

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A workflow orchestration software that helps you gain visibility and control over your business processes by automating them.

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State of the art technology.

We enable individuals, SMEs, corporates and government agencies to scale up productivity.

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Ministry of Science and Technology.

We hosted key people from the Ministry of Science and Technology to discuss the impact of STEM and how the youths can take participate.

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