On April 5, 2022, Uniccon Group of Companies unveiled her financial product; SMARTSEE, which will focus on financial institutions in Nigeria to mitigate risks associated with KYC, risk assessment, and credit scoring. The theme of the programme “ The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Achieving Financial Security and Transparency resonates with attendants of the unveiling. The Chairman of the Group Mr. Chuks Ekwueme chaired the occasion.


The General Manager, Mr. Kehinde in his opening remarks welcomed and acknowledged participants to the event. He reiterated the challenges financial institutions face while attempting to meet full compliance with the KYC guidelines that are mandatory for business relationships. He stressed the importance of a product that can aid the industry to not only attain compliance but do so with minimal cost, zero downtime, and information confidentiality. He closed by asking key stakeholders to be partners in progress and contribute meaningfully to achieving a robust product.

In his keynote address, the Chairman spoke about the place of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in automating and optimizing banking and financial operations. He gave an overview of the gaps inherent in the industry and how AI can be utilized for better results. Stressing that the Group is not in competition with other key players in the multi-billion dollars industry, but challenging itself with the global trending technology. “We rather challenge ourselves with the global trending technology. We are driving it home by giving success a chance in our fatherland.

It’s in our habits to share knowledge, train, and collaborate. This is our way of inviting Tech Companies across Africa to do the same.”  Kene Ekwueme, CEO of Coevis World unveiled the product to the excitement of everyone.

Mr. Billah Muayyat demonstrated how the SMARTSEE works to an impressed audience. This product helps the financial services industry to profile customers remotely without the attendant cost of paying physical visits to addresses
Do credit scoring with the aid of AI to determine the creditworthiness of customers’ requests to access facilities. It advises on the thresholds of minimal, average and highest. Gauge the level of risk a creditor should engage in the business relationship
Mitigate fraud by detecting and preventing it.

The participants were members of the apex financial regulatory body (CBN), tier 1, 2, and 3 banks, microfinance banks, insurance companies, credits advancing businesses, representatives of government, academia, the tech industry, and those drawn from other sectors. The session progressed to questions on SMARTSEE. These questions were attended to as well as invaluable inputs, suggestions, and pieces of advice.

The closing remarks were given by the Group General Manager, Mr. Chris Ebosie who thanked everyone for their attendance, contributions, questions, and intentions to use the products. The honorable pressmen covered the event and did interviews.

More Pictures from the event

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